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We offer a wide range of colour options and can customise according to your design palette.

Not anymore.  We use a sealer that penetrates and bonds at a molecular level with the cement. The result is a penetrating and topical finish that is more or less stain proof, highly scratch resistant and environmentally friendly.

A cloth and soapy water is recommended for cleaning as abrasive pads and cleaners tend to dull and degrade the surface of the finish.

The process of taking simple ingredients – sand, gravel and cement – and making them into something that is both beautiful and functional is incredibly labour intensive. As every piece is unique and handcrafted, the price is on the higher side.

We use Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement (GFRC), which is lighter than traditional wet-cast cement, which requires other reinforcing.  Due to its strength, GFRC can also be cast in thinner sections.

In most cases, no. If your cabinets are reasonably well built with screws and have vertical support that extends to the floor, we’re most likely good to go. However, we do recommend that all of our clients have a cabinetmaker make the final call, particularly with the Lavabo sink as this is the heaviest.

We guarantee excellence but not perfection. When working with cement it is important to remember its handmade and imperfect and this is what we love about it. We very rarely have issues with hairline fractures but cannot guarantee 100% that they will not occur over time.

It can depend on the environment but generally between 2 to 3 weeks. Check with us and we can give you a more specific answer. 

We are based in the Cape Town area and we can also ship our products nationwide.

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